Chris (prguitarman) wrote in prtcg,

New Card Collection Update *w/ new video~*

This is just a temporary post until I can get scanlations for my cards, which then they’ll be moved to the original card collection post.

New update July 27th!

ARCEUS FAMILY UNITED. I can feel the power in my hands D:

Gengar Lv X
Salamence Lv X
Fire Plate Arceus
Shiny Ponyta DPT4
Charizard DPT4
Luxray DPT4
WEB Series Nidoking
Kaado no Natta Wake Happy Birthday Pikachu
Shining Tyranitar

Trainer's Magazine Ivysaur
Trainer's Magazine Charmeleon
Trainer's Magazine Wartortle
WEB Series Articuno
WEB Series Zapdos
WEB Series Moltres
Card Exchange Electabuzz
VS Rocket's Entei
Nationals Stamped Dragonite

DPT4 Lv X Deck Tangela
DPT4 Lv X Deck Gulpin
DPT4 Lv X Deck Wingull
DPT4 Lv X Deck Pelipepper
DPT4 Lv X Deck Rapidash
DPT4 Lv X Deck Ponyta
DPT4 Lv X Deck Electrike
DPT4 Lv X Deck Manectric
DPT4 Lv X Deck Bronzor

DPT4 Lv X Deck Bronzong
DPT4 Lv X Deck Ghastly
DPT4 Lv X Deck Haunter
DPT4 Lv X Deck Gengar
DPT4 Lv X Deck Treecko
DPT4 Lv X Deck Grovyle
DPT4 Lv X Deck Sceptile
VS Will's Espeon
VS Marowak

VS Ursaring
VS Primeape
VS Gengar
VS Noctowl
VS Rhydon
VS Togetic
VS Hypno
DPT4 Salamence
DPT4 Heatran

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